• 2021-09-14

The head of ACECR of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, in a decree, appointed the secretaries of the Sixth International Congress and the Eighth National Congress of Wound and Tissue Healing.

According to the public relations of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, based on the rulings issued by Dr. Masoud Habibi, President of the Organization, Dr. Mehdi Hosseinian Sarajehloo as Executive Secretary, Dr. Mansour Jamali as Scientific Secretary in Basic Sciences and Dr. Parvin Mansouri as Scientific Secretary of the Congress in Clinical sections were selected.

It is worth mentioning that the Wound and Tissue Reconstruction Congress of Tehran University of Medical Sciences Jihad, which is the largest scientific event of this organization, started at the national level in 1993 and after holding two courses, it has been held at the international level since 1995.

Last year, despite the Covid-19 epidemic, when it was not possible to hold a congress, the University Jihad held this scientific event virtually with the presence of 46 scientific speakers from all over Iran and seven countries.

The date of this scientific event will be announced later.

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