About Tehran

Is the capital of Iran. The city is home to many historical collections, including the royal complexes, as well as the country’s most important governmental buildings of the modern era. Tehran’s most famous landmarks include the Azadi Tower, the Milad Tower and the Tabiat Bridge, a newly-built landmark
The majority of the population of Tehran is Persian-speaking people. Tehran is served by the international airports of Mehrabad and Khomeini, a central railway station, the rapid transit system of Tehran Metro, a bus rapid transit system, trolleybuses, and a large network of highways.


The metropolis of Tehran is divided into 22 municipal districts, each with its own administrative center. Northern Tehran is the wealthiest part of the city, while the center of the city houses the government ministries and headquarters, the commercial centers are more located toward Valiasr, Taleghani, and Beheshti further north.

Tehran features a cold semi-arid climate with continental climate characteristics and a Mediterranean climate precipitation pattern. It can be generally described as mild in spring and autumn, hot and dry in summer, and cold and wet in winter.


Tehran has a wide range of shopping centers, and malls. The city has a number of commercial districts, including those located at Valiasr, Zaferanie, Tajrish , etc. The largest old bazaars of Tehran are the Grand Bazaar and the Bazaar of Tajrish.
Most of the international branded stores and upper-class shops are located in the northern and western parts of the city. Tehran’s retail business is growing with several newly-built malls and etc.

Tourism shopping centers.
Tehran, as one of the main tourist destinations in Iran, has a wealth of cultural attractions. It is home to Azadi Tower, royal complexes of Golestan, Saadabad and Niavaran. There are several historic, artistic and scientific museums in Tehran, including the National Museum, the Malek Museum, the Cinema Museum at Ferdows Garden, the Abgineh Museum, Museum of the Qasr Prison, the Carpet Museum, the Reverse Glass Painting Museum (vitray art), and the Safir Office Machines Museum. There is also the Museum of Contemporary Art, which hosts works of famous artists such as Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol. The Iranian Imperial Crown Jewels, one of the largest jewel collections in the world, are also on display at Tehran’s National Jewelry Museum. A number of cultural and trade exhibitions take place in Tehran, which are mainly operated by the country’s International Exhibitions Company. Tehran’s annual International Book Fair is known to the international publishing world as one of the most important publishing events in Asia.


جهت کسب امتیاز بازآموزی در رشته های زیر به سامانه آموزش مداوم مراجعه نمایید.

امتیاز عنوان رشته کد رشته
7.5 متخصص بیماری های داخلی 1710
15 کارشناسی پرستاری 1110
15 کارشناسی ارشد پرستاری 1410
10.5 دکترا پرستاری 1920
15 پزشک عمومی 1510
15 پزشک عمومی طرح پزشک خانواده 1618
7.5 دکترا علوم تغذیه 1925
10.5 کارشناسی فیزیوتراپی 1116
10.5 کارشناسی ارشد فیزیوتراپی 1421
10.5 دکترا فیزیوتراپی 1927
7.5 متخصص پزشکی فیزیکی و توانبخشی 1718
7.5 متخصص طب فیزیکی و توانبخشی 17185
15 فوق تخصص جراحی پلاستیک، ترمیمی و سوختگی 2014
10.5 فوق تخصص جراحی عروقی 2033
15 متخصص جراحی عمومی 1733
7.5 متخصص روانپزشکی 1725
15 متخصص بیماری های پوست 1730
10.5 متخصص آسیب شناسی 1723
4.5 متخصص بیماری های قلب و عروق 1713
10.5 متخصص بیماری های عفونی و گرمسیری 1712
4.5 کارشناسی ارشد روانشناسی عمومی 1492
4.5 متخصص طب اورژانس 1726
4.5 داروسازی بالینی 1860
4.5 کارشناسی ارشد فیزیک پزشکی 1434
4.5 متخصص بیماری های قلب و عروق 1713


ثبت نام در کنگره برای علاقه مندانی که رشته ایشان شامل دریافت امتیاز بازآموزی است تنها ازطریق سامانه آموزش مداوم صورت می گیرد.